Structured collaboration software to help teams save time, work securely, and improve client experience.


For accounting firms who want to modernize prepared-by-client information exchange. Take a closer look if you:

Feel inefficient and always chasing information

Want to create a better experience for clients

Need to protect confidential information

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All your client information - organized and accessible.

It’s tough to juggle the sea of information in an audit department. Either you’re trying to find the file you need, or you’re chasing clients to deliver on time. But there is a better way for you and your clients.

Inflo Collaborate organizes the prepared-by-client information exchange. It provides structure and keeps everything on track. You’ll have more time to focus on delivering an effective, valuable audit.

Inflo Collaborate

All the features you need to succeed

Requesting Information

Start collaborating with clients by asking the right people for the right information

  • Quick Setup - create engagements and request lists via our simple user interface or automated integrations.
  • Prioritize Requests - ensure clients prioritize critical information by flagging high priority requests.
  • Files & Comments - organize information and communications specific to each request.
  • Questionnaires - create a more engaging collaboration experience for clients using in-built questionnaires.

Project Management

Receive all the information on time, or proactively manage delays.

  • Transparent Accountability - clearly assign responsibilities and deadlines for accounting firm and client users.
  • Status Tracking - assignees and deadlines allow for real-time progress tracking by user.
  • Bulk Updates - be agile and avoid downtime by quickly changing multiple requests or deadlines.
  • Status Reports - Stay on the same page with your client through shared status reports.

Secure File Storage

Keep confidential information secure and protected.

  • Engagement Access - provide access to engagements on a need-to-know basis to avoid unauthorized access.
  • Restricted Requests - show sensitive information to only specific client and engagement team members.
  • Audit Logs - track access to information, sources, and editing through detailed audit logs.
  • Secure Servers - secure and back up confidential information in Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Status Reporting

Know the status of every engagement request real time, anywhere.

  • Engagement Reporting - improve efficiency and profitability by highlighting key engagement information.
  • Engagement Dashboards - instantly chart progress, deadlines and workflows via intuitive filters and drill-downs.
  • Portfolio Dashboards - focus your time on available information from clients who are ready.
  • Group Engagements - transform group engagements by component's engagement status centrally.
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