Data Analytics

Audit data analytics software and smarter audit testing to help teams save time and provide valuable insights to clients.


For accounting firms who want to modernize their audit testing. Take a closer look if you:

Feel there is a better way than sampling lists

Want to provide more valuable client insights

Need to retain and develop your auditors

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Stop sampling, start analyzing.

Testing transactions and balances remains a key part of any audit. But wrestling with Excel listings and sampling random items should be a thing of the past.

Inflo Data Analytics analyze 100% of transactions from any client system. It allows for higher-quality testing, while saving time, and finding insights to share with clients.

Inflo Data Analytics

All the features you need to succeed

Transactional Analytics

Analyze every transaction to focus your effort.

  • Visualization - intuitive visualizations and transaction drilldowns support risk assessment activities and transform testing.
  • Revenue Analytics - trace the flow of every revenue transaction and focus audit work on the outliers.
  • Journal Analytics - instantly run a suite of routines and apply sophisticated risk scoring to test for fraud or error.
  • Sampling - execute audit sampling correctly every time.

Overview Analytics

Automate common activities to free team capacity.

  • Analytical Review - automated year-over-year financial analysis helps you plan and conclude your audit work.
  • Ratio Analysis - key performance calculations and financial ratios give a distinct lens into your client.

Valuable Reporting

Prove your value with beautiful reports you’re proud to present.

  • Planning Report - present your client the key planning decisions and the value of the proposed approach.
  • Completion Report - report the findings and insights gained during the audit work in concluding reports.
  • Value-Add Reporting - transform your client’s view and deliver actionable insights in visually engaging value-add reports.

Extracting Data

Obtain reliable data, consistently from any client accounting system.

  • Support Clients - clear workflows ensure clients provide the right data, first time.
  • Any Client System - all the transactions, any client accounting system.
  • Reliability and Integrity - validate data and ensure completeness before any analysis is performed.
  • Supported by Experts - our team of ex-Big4 data experts support unusual systems and complex clients.
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