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Future Proof Your Firm

Our team of experts are highly experienced, all having spent many years working in audit and supporting accounting firms with technology and methodology innovation.

They know what it takes to tackle change management challenges and build momentum to ensure your audit engagement solution becomes as agile and responsive as your firm is.

Learn from former practitioners who have implemented the Inflo platform in their prior firms.

Live Learning Pathway

Dynamic webinars help your team members use Inflo effectively and efficiently. Attend sessions live and ask questions or watch a recording of the most recent session to get started right away.  


Replay a completed engagement using your own client data. Build confidence in your new approach and inform implementation planning.

Data Ingestion Strategy

Assess your current data ingestion capabilities and determine the right approach for your team and clients. Take control of this challenging area.

Methodology Innovation

Map the full Inflo capabilities to your audit methodology and manual. Evolve your content to integrate data analytics into your audit workflow and increase automation.

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