Adoption Journey

Supporting Your Innovation Journey

Audit innovation is about more than a platform. The key to a successful implementation is advancing your people and processes alongside your new platform.

Milestones for success
Our team will guide your firm through your initial onboarding phase, providing valuable knowledge and expertise to set you up for a successful Inflo journey. A sequence of milestones and tasks are designed according to your firm’s implementation plan.  Your dedicated team will ensure you have excellent support, regular touchpoints, and helpful resources.

What makes a great Inflo Champion?
Identifying your internal Inflo Champions is an important part of successful implementation of Inflo within your firm. We believe that an ideal Inflo Champion is enthusiastic and eager about transforming current processes and is an advocate for digital audit transformation.

Ongoing commitment

We are here to support your firm’s goals and objectives, both shorter term and longer term.  Our continued commitment to your success is structured through regular Inflo Champion communication and business review calls to ensure you grow your value.

Expert Services

Upskill your team by learning from experienced practitioners who have been in your shoes. Our subject matter experts can support you on a range of areas to support your digital strategy and address any challenge you may face achieving your objectives.

Customer Success

You’ll have a Customer Success Manager who will work with your team to support you from day 1, guiding your implementation and proactively sharing best practices through routine interactions long into the future.

Global Support

We are known for our support and exceeding customer expectations helping them embrace digital. Support is provided through a variety of channels offering written guidance, videos, FAQs, training courses and access to our in-house Support team.

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