Quality management software to help firms comply with standards and deliver high-quality audits.


For accounting firms who want to implement audit quality management. Take a closer look if you:

Feel unsure where to start with quality management

Want a system, not spreadsheets, to manage quality

Need to comply with quality management standards

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Quality management made easy.

Quality is important. But understanding complex new standards distracts from the day job – performing effective audits.

Inflo QMS assists firms in implementing and maintaining a system of quality management. It simplifies the process, saving time and providing confidence over quality and compliance.

Inflo QMS

All the features you need to succeed

System Creation

Create in minutes a draft system of quality management compliant with standards.

  • Configuration Questionnaire – quickly capture information to adjust the system to your firm.
  • Libraries – access a library of objectives, risks, and responses aligned to quality management standards.
  • Auto-drafting – create a recommended quality management system for review.


Tailor the system to your specific needs through a simple user interface.

  • Intuitive Customization – add, delete, and edit the draft system through easy-to-use interfaces.
  • Visualize Relationships – handle many-to-many relationships between objectives, risks, and responses within your system.
  • Scoring – use a simple scoring system to evaluate risks and mitigating responses.

Project Management

Coordinate your team to ensure you stay on top of your system of quality management.

  • User Accountability – assign accountability to manage and maintain individual elements of the system.
  • Reassessment Dates – assign reassessment dates to ensure updates are performed appropriately.
  • Notifications – advise users when actions are required within the system.


Monitor the effectiveness of your system of quality management, to enable refining and improving it.

  • System Reassessment - perform and document regular reassessment.
  • Remedial Actions - add, track, and assign actions to remediate any identified deficiencies.
  • Audit Quality Indicators – monitor the quality of live engagements using Audit Quality Indicators.
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