Deliver more effective, higher quality audits

Inflo’s complete digital audit platform integrates advanced data analytics, client collaboration, and quality management products — all supported by a comprehensive audit methodology


Efficiency through automation

Do you always feel short-staffed - needing to do more work with less people?

Save time by automating audit tasks with Working Papers

Fee growth from valuable clients

Are you searching for a competitive advantage, or a way to attract new clients?

Increase fee income with more insightful audit work using Data Analytics

Get organized, work smarter

Do you feel constantly busy, frustrated by disorganized client not delivering on time?

Regain control by project managing information using Digital Collaboration

Confidence in quality

Does worrying about requirements and changes keep you up at night?

Stay compliant with the latest audit standards and best practices with Quality Management

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Location: United Kingdom
Firm Size: Mid-tier

Anthony Woodings

Business Services Partner

How it started...

How it's going...

Hurst felt behind the curve and determined the time was right to start their digital transformation journey. On a three-year quest to find a progressive solution to fit their aspirations, Hurst implemented Inflo in 2020.
Inflo has created genuine value for our clients and vastly improved our competitive edge. The leadership team have continually been rewarded, receiving incredible unsolicited feedback from clients.
Location: United Kingdom
Firm Size: Small

Rachel Davis

Managing Director

How it started...

How it's going...

Rachel leads an independent firm with a total of 10 staff. She quickly implemented Inflo on all her firm’s engagements, allowing all her team to work flexibly and remotely.
My client told me, unsolicited, our collaboration via Inflo was better than the Big 4 tool they also were using.
Location: United Kingdom
Firm Size: Large

Andrew Moyser


How it started...

How it's going...

Andrew’s national firm employs over 2,000 staff. The quality of his team’s work is critical. But he saw a key opportunity to use technology to compete with even the biggest firms.
Inflo is all about improving quality and delivering more value. It has been a key differentiator in tenders, and we even receive new opportunities from clients seeking advisors using Inflo.
Location: United Kingdom
Firm Size: Mid-Tier

Paul Winwood


How it started...

How it's going...

BHP has a team of more than 400 specialists. The firm now include data visualization through client reports and share dashboard outputs with their clients.
Our existing clients really like the new outputs we share. And we’ve won awards because of Inflo. We have record graduate intake numbers and our firm’s fee income is growing quickly.

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