How Inflo Uses ISO Standards to Protect Customer Data

April 17, 2023

Data security is serious business. Any organisation that manages important data from external sources needs to make sure that they are storing and maintaining this data safely and securely. How do they ensure to external regulatory bodies, as well as concerned organisations like yours, that they are trustworthy with important data?

Inflo and ISO 27001

Inflo takes its customers’ data seriously. That’s why we are proud to not just meet the premier data security standards, but excel in them. We have been ISO 27001 certified since 2018. We were only founded in 2016, so we’ve been handling sensitive data for a short period of time, and we’ve held ourselves to the highest standards since then.

We don’t think that just meeting the bare minimum of data handling sensitivity is ever enough. That’s why we strive to meet our audits with the minimum possible number of non-conformances. Since 2022, we’ve met our audits with zero non-conformances to the standard.

“Data security and protecting our customers — and their clients — is a critical and complete commitment at Inflo," said Mark Edmondson, Inflo President and CEO.

"We embraced ISO 27001 from a very early stage, recognising the vital role our software plays handling confidential client data. We now lead the way on information security — setting the example other scan only hope to achieve. It takes dedication from our entire team to uphold these incredibly high standards. Achieving these best-in-class results is something to be proud of and is another real differentiator. It is just one of many reasons why so many of the largest accounting firms choose Inflo as an innovation partner.” 

What is the ISO?

The ISO is the International Organisation for Standardisation, an International body that regulates and organises standardisation. It is an independent, non governmental body devoted to researching and publishing a range of standards for bodies to abide by. It has published around 25,000 different regulatory standards in a variety of fields, including both technical and non-technical standards. The majority of national standards organisations are members of the ISO and agree to abide by its rules.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is the world’s premier standard for information security. It is recognised globally as the most important and reliable data security standard to abide by. In order to abide by ISO 27001 , an organisation needs to have an external, independent audit of how it stores, processes and maintains its data.

In the course of an ISO 27001 audit, a business will be audited in a variety of ways. This includes assessing departments for adherence to the requirements of the standard. As Inflo undertook the audit, the HR, Engineering, Product and other departments were assessed.

What are the Benefits of Adhering to ISO 27001?

The ISO 27001 standard is one of the world’s most popular information security standards. Adhering to ISO 27001 is recognised world-wide as a dedication to customer information security. Businesses are increasingly adopting the ISO standard, with the number of certifications growing 450% in the last 10 years.

How to comply with ISO 27001

For a business to comply with the ISO’s data protection regulations, they will need to abide by an ISMS (Information Security Management System). This requires you to take into account:

  • Planning out the security project
  • Identifying all the interested parties, and any legal requirements
  • Conducting a risk assessment
  • Selecting the required data controls
  • Implementing the required data controls.
  • Developing appropriate documentation practices
  • Measuring, monitoring and reviewing practices
  • Developing appropriate competencies, including internal training

The Future of Data security, and ISO 27001 2022 standards

As data collection and storage changes overtime, so do the standards required to keep sensitive data as secure as possible. The ISO continually upgrades and refreshes its standards. At Inflo, we’re determined to keep our data storage as secure and up to date as possible. As a result, we’re ahead of schedule on meeting the future standards of ISO data security.

All businesses need to meet the 2022 standards of ISO 27001 by October 2025. However, we always want to meet the highest standards available. That’s why we’re aiming to be ISO 27001: 2022 compliant by March 2024.

Inflo is proud to meet the highest standards in caring for our customer’s sensitive data. We understand how important that data is to you and your customers. That’s why we make our adherence to international standards such as the ISO 27001 a pillar of our customer relationships.

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