Audit working papers software and data-driven audit methodologies to help teams automate tasks and perform high quality, valuable services.


For accounting firms who want to modernize the audit process. Take a closer look if you:

Feel the audit process is too manual

Want to use data more during audits

Need to replace dated audit technology

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Your audit platform can be more than document storage.

For auditors, documenting work is a necessary evil. Doing this documentation in a tool which simply holds forms and frustrates the team becomes a burden.

Inflo Workpapers supports a data-driven audit approach. It automates tasks and creates an integrated workflow. A high-quality, valuable, efficient audit is the result.

Inflo Workpapers

All the features you need to succeed

Integration and Automation

Wield technology to the max and free your team.

  • Pre-populated Responses - pre-populated procedure responses trigger a range of intelligent downstream effects.
  • Trial Balance - automate trial balance tie-in and perform a range of audit activities from a single, reliable data set.
  • Lead Schedules - financial information, including adjustments, are documented automatically across the file.
  • Office 365 - avoid painful check in and check out processes with Office 365 online integrations.

Planning the Audit

An intelligent approach to planning a great audit.

  • Proprietary Content - specialized content packs take a proprietary approach to satisfying audit standards.
  • Intelligent Workprograms - audit procedures include predefined response options and documentation suggestions.
  • Clear Workflow - all activities are logically structured and promote efficient sequential workflow and status tracking.
  • Risk Assessment - powerful algorithms analyze client data and industry knowledge to drive your risk assessment.

Performing Testing

Execute your approach and make the audit smooth sailing.

  • Automated Responses - workprograms are automatically recommended based on risk assessment.
  • Workprograms Library - a library of tests are available to make it easy to tailor your audit approach.
  • Embedded Automation - embedded procedure links promote use of more advanced audit data analytics and techniques.
  • Ease of Review - reviewers can quickly focus their attention on the key issues arising during the audit.

Oversight and Supervision

Stay in control at engagement and firm levels.

  • Status Tracking - monitor the stage of completion of your audit by phase and section.
  • View Filtering - filter each view based on status, deadline, or responsible auditor.
  • Portfolio Oversight - portfolio dashboards help you prioritize clients based on the status of the audit.
  • Content Manager - tailor Inflo's methodology or create and manage your own.
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