A New Client Experience

September 16, 2022
April 8, 2021

The Digital Audit changes how you engage with audit clients, allowing you to place the client at the centre of your audit process. This in turn provides you with critical information and data to better understand what it’s like to be a client of your firm. Focusing on the client experience need not be done at the expense of independence or objectivity. Accounting firms operate in a highly competitive environment, and the overall customer experience that your firm provides in combination with the quality of your audits will define your growth trajectory, reputation, and brand.

Understanding and optimizing the audit customer experience is crucial in a highly competitive market

By allowing you to interact with clients in real time within a secure platform, the digital audit makes it possible for you to re-imagine your customer experience without being constrained by legacy approaches and processes.

Having feedback about client interactions before, during and after your audit engagement allows your firm to both improve areas of need and capitalize on opportunities to bring value in entirely new ways. With rich data such as this, you are well-positioned to understand and continually improve the customer experience which your firm provides.

Client Perspective

The digital audit is customer-centric and data-driven. It enables a range of client benefits, many of which also benefit your firm and your staff.

  • An entirely new level of collaboration and remote working enablement
  • Increased transparency leading to more effective project management
  • Unparalleled data interrogation
  • New insights and analysis, both macro and micro
  • Greater security over confidential information

One of the more powerful aspects of the digital audit is that, if done correctly, it can change how your clients view the audit. Rather than viewing the audit as a once-a-year compliance grind, clients begin to see the audit as an ongoing source of value for their business.

Circle of Value

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