Cognition brought to you by Inflo, offering the latest audit thought leadership and practical tips.

November 16, 2022

In January 2023, Inflo will host Cognition a free virtual event open to partners and staff from any accounting firm. Join a community of peers for six hours of high-value content over 2 days.


Hear the latest trends from leaders in audit innovation. And learn new tips and tricks to improve your December year-end audits.

Whether you’re an experienced user of the Inflo platform, or you haven’t yet made the change, you’ll benefit from the wisdom of Inflo’s experienced audit team.



·       What is Cognition

·       Day One - Thought Leadership

·       Day Two - Practical Hints and Tips

·       How to Join


What is Cognition?

Cognition is a free virtual event held over two days in January 2023. Hosted by Inflo’s leadership team and audit experts, Cognition will give you the opportunity to engage with your peers and Inflo’s experienced team to explore areas including,

·      Audit innovation

·      Methodology

·      Retaining talent  

·      Audit testing

·      Data extraction

This interactive event will give all attendees the opportunity to share their thoughts and ask our experts' questions in live Q&A sessions.


Day One – Thought Leadership

Day one of Cognition brings together Inflo Thought Leaders, Mark Edmondson, Chris Potter and Graham Clark.  


Strategic audit innovation

Chris joins the session to share key lessons and advice for firms based on a decade of experience leading Big 4 innovation. Hear how to approach technology and outsourcing more strategically and how to tackle challenges such as resistance to behavioral change from staff across your firm.  To see highlights on how firms view cultural change read our article, Mindset Shift to Digital Audit – The Future Role of the Auditor (


Retaining talent and Wowing Clients


Mark discusses some of the key characteristics of firms capitalizing on audit innovation. Learn the opportunities available to firms embracing the Digital Audit, and the benefits available to Partners, staff, and clients.

Retaining talent is a growing area of concern across all firms. In our previous article How Can Firms Address the Issues of Attracting and Retaining Accounting Talent? we discussed how firms are facing real challenges in terms of having the right resources and the right level of expertise in terms of the retention and attraction of talent. This is going to be one of those areas that the profession needs to be developing a solution to that challenge.

In this session Mark will discuss how firms can leverage technology and change to attract and retain their existing talent and buck the great resignation trend.  

Adding Value to your clients will not only help you retain and benefit from continued business, reduce pressure and increase referral rates.  Mark discusses how this can be achieved through a shift towards embracing the digital audit - Mindset Shift to Digital Audit Trends -The world has changed, digital has changed it.


A Platform for Success

Graham overviews the Inflo platform’s holistic approach to advancing the audit process. Understand how an integrated product suite and data-driven workflow saves time, improves quality, and a new experience for staff and clients.

Graham details how you can have more control over your own destiny by working with Inflo technology.  Including how Inflo’s advanced Content Management capabilities give your Content Authors the keys to the car, rather than making them sit in the back seat. Authors can develop content within a simple user interface, deploy content packs, perform language translation, and share content with colleagues and other member firms - all without technical skills, or involvement from our team.

Inflo was built with scalability at the forefront of our minds. Our roots as a data analytics platform mean that we focused on developing databases which can store vast quantities of data and applications which are reliable and highly responsive even when analyzing vast quantities of data. In this session Graham will discuss Horizon planning for 2023 and the innovations Inflo will be embracing.


Day Two– Practical Hints and Tips

Day two of Cognition brings together our Inflo Experts including Andreea Ionescu, Daniel Condren and Evan DeFord, to provide practical hints and tips on key areas including,


Smarter Audit Testing

Andreea and our team of audit experts offer top tips for effective audit testing. How to save time, regulator findings to be mindful of, opportunities to add more client value, and where technology can help. Testing topics include:

-         Risk assessment

-         Management Override & Journals

-         Revenue


Data Do’s and Don’ts

Dan provides practical advice on how to approach data extraction from client accounting systems, and the importance of transforming data into a common data model format. Develop more effective data processes which save time and remove the need to recruit experts.


Differentiating Client Value-Add

Evan plots out the key opportunities to add value to clients during the audit process. And illustrates how to produce more valuable audit findings reports and produce client insights as natural by-products of a data-driven audit approach.

Accounting firms operate in a highly competitive environment, and the overall customer experience that your firm provides in combination with the quality of your audits will define your growth trajectory, reputation, and brand. To find out more read our article A New Client Experience.


How to Join

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